A New Year and a New Adventure!

Happy New Year!!!  It’s a new year and a new beginning for me here at Christina Schmidt Photography.  This year I am tackling blogging — Hooray!  Well, maybe I should say “I’m going to attempt blogging.”  I have never been a stellar writer and I remember writing what seemed like endless papers after papers in college.  While I can probably ramble on incessantly in person, I can never seem to figure out what to say when it comes to jotting it down on a piece of paper or when I’m faced by my brightly lit computer screen.  To top my inability of writing,  I am also learning how to navigate through my blogging program.  I am chuckling at myself right now as it took me an hour to figure out why some of my images that I’ve attached were small and others were huge!  Now I think I know what my sweet grandmother felt when she first opened her e-mail and Facebook account — completely overwhelmed.

Never the less , this year we all get to start fresh.  A chance to tackle on new projects and new adventures to improve ourselves and expand our knowledge.  I hope to achieve that this year in many aspects of my life but first I will start by starting a new blog with my first newborn client of 2014.  If you’re still reading this, please continue on below for a short description of my session but no worries I have added many photos for your viewing pleasure of this sweet babe.


On New Year’s Day I spent a little bit of time with my very first newborn of the year, Mr. Jonathan Arthur or Jonty as his mum and dad likes to call him.  Yep, I said “mum” alright!  His dad is originally from London and I wonder if little Jonty will inherit his dad’s lovely accent.  I absolutely love accents, they sound so interesting, exotic, and unique.  Sweet little Jonty came into the world on December 22, 2013.  He slept lightly during our session but I was very pleased that he slept the entire time which gave me the opportunity to capture all of his sweetness.  The session took place in their beautiful home in Saint Charles County.


I began the session by going straight up to the nursery to check out the lighting while mom finished nursing Mr. Jonty.  The “castle” themed nursery allowed gorgeous natural light in which made it perfect for our session.

jonty4His dad is a huge soccer fan so we definitely needed to fit in an Arsenal paraphernalia.


I can tell immediately that Jonty and his dad already have such a special bond.  Jonty responds well to his dad’s voice and according to his mom he sleeps like a rock when he is in dad’s arms.


His mom was so adorable and very sweet!  She said she was very excited to get his photos done and I can tell just by how well prepared she was for the session.  What a sweet babe and beautiful family!  I am very honored to capture this unforgettable chapter in their lives.  Thank you Courtni and Tom!

Please enjoy more of Jonathan Arthur’s photos below.  🙂





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