Leah is ONE!

Guess who is celebrating her FIRST birthday?!    Little Miss Leah or Leahbug as her mom loves to call her!  Leah’s mom and I are friends so naturally a play date is a must when you have little babes around.  Since the mid west decided to throw us some frigidly freezing temps lately, we were forced to do a mini session in my make shift studio at my home.  But no worries, we were not short of a complete sweetness from Miss Leah!

CSP_9992 CSP_9963 CSP_0017CSP_9898 CSP_0084 CSP_0044bw


3 thoughts on “Leah is ONE!

  1. This was the best photo session! We are so glad to have Christina Schmidt Photography on speed dial! Thank you for capturing this moment in time for us!

  2. Oh Leahbug is sooo beautiful. Those eyes are TO DIE FOR!!!! I love the shot of the accents ie those tiny toes!!!
    Melt my heart. Gorgeous baby, great photos!!

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