Modern Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer|Ms. K.F.|Saint Charles

CSP_1110 copy

What does a photographer do when it’s 12 degrees out?  Find a model who’s tough skinned and brave out the freezing temps of course!  Ms. Katharine is a photographer herself and was in need of a couple head shots for her newly polished website.  She was a natural in front of the camera and would do anything to get a few good shots, 12 degree weather and all won’t stop us!  We met through a mom’s Facebook group for first time mamas and I’m sure glad we met because she is now one of my good friends here in Saint Louis.   Katharine, or Katie for short specializes in natural light family photography but if you happen to see me at someone’s wedding chances are I’m there assisting Katie — I’m also her little assistant at weddings when I’m available.  Check out this gorgeous lady’s session below! 🙂

CSP_1035_pp copy


CSP_1093 copyCSP_0996 copyPoor girl was starting to really shiver so I gave her a blanket break.  We actually took breaks and jumped in my warm house and sipped on very hot coffees.CSP_1083_pp copyCSP_1070_pp copyCSP_1103 copyI really love how this shot turned out. Shhh…my husband has no idea we took out our red chair in the snow!CSP_1181 copy

CSP_1179 copyCSP_1194 copyCSP_1162 copy

Last but not least, I love this film look.  Have a good weekend everyone! ~ C.S.


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