Reale | Wedding | Chesterfield, MO

reale 8When I think of weddings, I usually think summer, the fresh smell of luscious thick green grass, flowers blooming on trees and the cool feeling of summer’s breeze.   Since I’m naturally a summer girl who can endure running in over 100 degree weather, a winter wedding is definitely something that would not come to my mind.  But that has changed thanks to the Reale’s December wedding.   I had the pleasure of working once again with Katie Forbis from Katharine Roberds Photography as her second photographer.  I love how the Christmas lights and Christmas trees and all the other Christmas decor added to the beauty and significance of this couple’s special day.  I’ll quit chattering now and let my photos tell you about their big day.

~ C.S.

reale 1reale 2reale 3   reale 4reale 5reale 6reale 9reale 10 reale 7reale 11 reale 12


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