Guest Blogger: Make Up tips for Prom by Carlie Vinyard


As Prom approaches you are probably pulling pictures off Pinterest of all the hair and makeup looks you want to portray.  You most likely already have the dress that you want either in your mind or already bought, and now it is time to narrow down those ungodly amount of pins that you have saved.  As a makeup artist, my job is to leave you feeling beautiful and flawless!  But if you can’t afford a makeup artist, you can still feel amazing and stylish with the help of these guidelines.

If you want to be on trend this Prom season, don’t be afraid to use those fun colors on your eyes!  Add a little blue eyeliner to your bottom lid. Try some green or purple eye shadow, or use a glitter shadow. And don’t forget that perfect Berry colored lip gloss!

TIP: To make your look last longer and be more vibrant, use a thick white eyeliner on your lids before applying your shadow, OR dampen your brush a little while applying.  For your lips, don’t be afraid to use liner!  Pick a similar shade and simply color in your lip before applying your gloss.

When trying to decide on the perfect makeup look, you want to keep in mind these quick Do’s and Don’ts…


Consider the color of your dress when picking eye makeup colors

Consider the style of your dress…. Is it elegant/romantic, or is it bold/fun?  Your makeup should reflect the look you are trying to portray.

Think about your eye shape and color… If you have blue eyes, golden tones on your lids will make them pop!  And if you have brown eyes, give your lids some extra color to play them up.


Allow your eye makeup to clash with your dress by wearing the same color

Do a bold eye AND a bold lip… Pick one feature (preferable the one people compliment the most) to show off.  Doing both will give the impression you are trying too hard, and all your features will mesh together.

Leave the house without your lip gloss in your clutch!

There is so much that goes into making a face look flawless, but the most important to consider when trying to attain perfect eye makeup is the shape and color of the eye.  The shape of your eye is the key to knowing where different eye shadow shades should be placed.  And the color of the shadow should always compliment the color of your eye, not over power it.  When you can’t decide on your shadow colors here are a couple “go to” smokey looks for each eye color…

When All Else Fails…..Get Smokey!

Brown Eyes:

br1 br2

A deep brown/black smokey eye will get you ready for just about any event.  Choose a navy blue shadow if you want a to spice things up a little, for a new fun look!

Blue Eyes:

b1 b2

Pinks and Purples really compliment blue eyes.  Add a solid line of black eyeliner to get a more dramatic look.  Or soften it up with a bronze colored shadow palette. 

Green Eyes:


Olive greens, and golden browns look amazing with green eyes.  And my personal favorite is a Purple smokey look.  Green and purple on are on opposite ends of the color spectrum which is why it looks so stunning.


So, there you have it!  Stick with these simple guidelines and you will be looking back at your prom pictures 20 years from now, remembering how beautiful you felt!

If you want to learn more about how to apply your makeup or get a color consultation, Contact Carlie Vinyard, at or visit for more information.  Book a Makeup Application Session as a group, with all your girlfriends before prom, and receive a discounted price for your full look (airbrush foundation included) if you mention this blog post!



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