Beard|Family Faust Park Chesterfield, MO


Meet Lucy.  This sweet little babe just recently turned one and her parents wanted to celebrate with a nice family session with me.  So glad they did because upon meeting Lucy she gave me the warmest welcome complete with her wide toothy grin and a nice wave “hi”!  Their entire session was filled with Lucy’s toothy smiles and flirty personality which made my job super easy.  Check out the Beard Family’s session below!

~ C.S.Beard-collage-3Beard-Collage-4Beard-Collage-5aBeard-Collage-6Beard-collage-7Beard-Collage-8Beard-Collage-9Beard-Collage-10Beard-Colalge-12Beard-Collage-11CSP_8790

Want a session like the Beard Family’s?  Contact me at and we’ll plan your very own photography session!


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