Ausmer Family|Forest Park


Wow! Is what I have to say about the Ausmer Family.  Not only are they a great looking family (as you can see) but I absolutely enjoyed photographing the fun energy and silliness that this family has!  I recently photographed Mrs. Kim Ausmer for her book cover so I had the opportunity to meet her gorgeous family at their home.  But for their family session we decided on Forest Park near the World’s Fair Pavilion.  I immediately went to work by capturing a few formal shots of this family and as the session went on the boys was having a great time being and silly and I couldn’t help but notice that their parents were also getting into it!  Scroll down to see for yourself and leave them a message below the comment box. 🙂

Thank you for a fun evening Ausmer Family!



ausmers3 ausmers4 ausmers5 ausmers6 ausmers7 ausmers8 ausmers9 ausmers10


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