I spent an evening with the Myers Family at Ft. Zumwalt Park.  It was a very humid and hot day but despite the weather we were given I was very fortunate to capture a few images of this very sweet and lovely family.   The park was still and quiet except for a handful of power walkers strolling around the park.  We found a few wild flowers growing at the bottom of the hill at the edge of the pond rich with Lavender Flowers.  I made sure that we made a stop there for the individual photos of each child with their parent.  Sam, their oldest child is returning to college soon to finish his last year at Missouri State.  It was the perfect occasion to schedule a family portrait session!  Good luck and congrats on your last year of college Sam!  Thank you Myers Family!  I truly had a lovely time photographing your gorgeous family. 🙂


CSP_AM-(3) CSP_AM-(4) CSP_AM-(7) CSP_AM-(10) CSP_AM-(12) CSP_AM-(13) CSP_AM-(16) CSP_AM-(17) CSP_AM-(22) CSP_AM-(23) CSP_AM-(40)CSP_AM-(26) CSP_AM-(27) CSP_AM-(32) CSP_AM-(33) CSP_AM-(34) CSP_AM-(39)
CSP_AM-(42) CSP_AM-(50) CSP_AM-(51) CSP_AM-(53) CSP_AM-(55) CSP_AM-(56) CSP_AM-(57)


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