Their big day has arrived; Marcie and Andrew are getting married!

 It was a beautiful August day with the sun shining and the birds are happily chirping with what sounded like a beautiful song just for this couple’s big day.  Marcie and Andrew’s wedding was absolutely perfect complete with Mother Nature giving us some decent temps to play in.  Our day began at Saint Thomas Holy Spirit in Saint Louis, followed by a few wedding party photos at Forest Park.  We then kicked off the celebration at Orlando’s for their reception.  My awesome buddy Katie of Katharine Roberds Photography was there to help me document this joyous occasion.  Thank you Marcie and Andrew for choosing me to celebrate your wedding day with you!

~ C.S.

2014-08-22_0003 2014-08-22_0004 2014-08-22_0005 2014-08-22_0006 2014-08-22_0007 2014-08-22_0008 2014-08-22_0011 2014-08-22_0012 2014-08-22_0013 2014-08-22_0014 2014-08-22_0015 2014-08-22_0016 2014-08-22_0017 2014-08-22_0018 2014-08-22_0019 2014-08-22_0020 2014-08-22_0021 2014-08-22_0022 2014-08-22_0023 2014-08-22_0024 2014-08-22_0025 2014-08-22_0026 2014-08-22_0027 2014-08-22_0028 2014-08-22_0029 2014-08-22_0030 2014-08-22_0031 2014-08-22_0032 2014-08-22_0033 2014-08-22_0034 2014-08-22_0035Like their photos? Love this couple?  Help them earn some points towards their wedding album.  When blog comments + LIKES (Facebook) totals 100, the couple will earn $50.oo off their wedding album on top of $50.00 just for being a super sweet bride and groom!  So be sure to write and click away, you can do both! 🙂


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