Sweet, smart, and adventurous is what comes to mind after spending some time with this Francis Howell Senior.  We’ve had to reschedule her session a couple of times due to heat and then again due to heavy storms rolling in our area.  Thankfully we found a date that fits this busy senior’s schedule and regardless of the weather – hot and humid on the day of her shoot – we pushed through and got some beautiful photos.   At school she is involved in a marketing club called DECA.  She also loves to travel which I see lots of in the future for this adventurous soul.   Kayla plans to attend the University of Arkansas in the fall of 2015 where she will be majoring in marketing.

2014-09-11_0015 2014-09-11_0016 2014-09-11_0017 2014-09-11_0018 2014-09-11_0019 2014-09-11_0020 2014-09-11_0021 2014-09-11_0022 2014-09-11_0023 2014-09-11_0024 2014-09-11_0025 2014-09-11_0026


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