I am more than thrilled that Megan and Mike chose ME to be their official wedding photographer!  It is always such an honor when a couple chooses you along with their family and friends to be part of such a significant day in their lives! I had a wonderful time photographing this adventurous and very much in-love couple!  Check out their session below!

Engagement Date:          11/22/12                             Wedding Date:  06/19/15


How did you two meet?

In high school,  Mike worked as a bagger at Schnucks.  I was shopping one day, saw him and told my friend, Kelsey, who worked there that she needed to set up a date for us.  We met for a group date and hit it off!

2014-09-17_0018 2014-09-17_0019

What are you and your fiancé’s hobbies?  What do you guys like to do on your fee time?

Mike LOVES cars and anything with a motor!  I like listening to all kinds of music/seeing live bands.  We love cooking, walking our dogs and watching movies together.

2014-09-17_0020 2014-09-17_0021

How long have you been together?

Almost 7 years.

2014-09-17_0022 2014-09-17_0023

2014-09-17_0024 2014-09-17_0025 2014-09-17_0026

How did he pop the question?

On Thanksgiving, Mike and I went to walk our dog Max in the park before our family breakfast.  We stopped at “our spot” to sit down and talk.  He then got off the bench and got down on one knee.  He said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, opened the box and asked if I would marry him!  We got to share the great news with our family that day.

2014-09-17_0027 2014-09-17_0028 2014-09-17_0029

What’s one piece of advice you would give to other couples during their wedding planning?

I would recommend to take on one task at time—this will help to not overwhelm yourself.  Remember that it is a day about you and your fiancé and in the end you can’t please everyone.  Do what makes you and your fiancé happy.


 Congratulations Megan and Mike! Looking forward to your big day!


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