Fall is seriously becoming my favorite season!  I just absolutely love the colors and the fun a little child can have by just playing with the fallen leaves on the ground.  As you can see, this gorgeous family of three will be adding a fourth member to their clan possibly December or January.  The mommy-to-be in this photos is a very talented hair stylist, who happens to be the woman behind my hair.  I’ve been photographing her family for the past year and I am so excited I got the chance to hang out with them recently.  By the looks of the big smiles on their faces, I think everyone is excited and ready for Baby Jack to arrive.  Thanks Politte Family for trusting me once again with your family photos!  I can’t wait to meet Mr. Jack!

2014-11-12_0014 2014-11-12_0015 2014-11-12_0016 2014-11-12_0017 2014-11-12_0018 2014-11-12_0019 2014-11-12_0020 2014-11-12_0021 2014-11-12_0022 2014-11-12_0023 2014-11-12_0024


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