Sam & Chris|Engaged


I recently had the opportunity to partake in a very fun and unconventional engagement session.  It was more of a group mentoring/workshop/class ‘ish assembled by a member of a small photography group that I’m in.  What’s really fun about this session is that one of our subject is also a photographer herself and a member of the  same photography group.  The couple chose the locations which was shot in the cities.  We really had a great time learning from each other and just enjoyed each other’s company.  So enough about the day and let me introduce to you Sam & Chris. I was very lucky to catch a moment of Sam’s time after the session and she was able to answer a few questions for me.  🙂

Sam & Chris

Engaged: 09.11.14                                                                                  Wedding date: 08.08.15


How did you two meet?

We went to high school together, but never spoke there. Chris is good friends with my brother, and we became friends on Facebook, where we started keeping track of each other. I tricked him into taking me out on a date when he offered up some tickets to the Funny Bone to whoever wanted them, and we’ve been together ever since.

2014-11-18_0002 2014-11-18_0003 2014-11-18_0004

How did he pop the question?

Simply, sweetly, sincerely, and privately. 🙂2014-11-18_0005 2014-11-18_0006 How long have you been together?

1 year 2014-11-18_0007

What are you and your fiancé’s hobbies?  What do you guys like to do on your free time?

I read a lot, fold paper, love to eat, write in my journal, studie feng shui and crystal healing, and play video games.  Chris plays video games, too, he’s a gearhead, loves movies and hanging out with his family (they’re all very close).  I would also add that he has an ice cream hobby. Together, we live out whatever geeky fantasy we are involved in at the moment, and we laugh. A lot. Chris’ sense of humor carries our relationship. 2014-11-18_0008 2014-11-18_0009

Interesting facts about you and your fiancé?

There are no interesting facts about me, Iris. lol 

I think Chris would say the sameWe both have tattoos in the same place on our backs that represent metamorphosis and transcendence. He has a phoenix with his 3 children’s names, and I have a butterfly. Chris quotes movies practically every other sentence. We have a penchant for super heroes and video games.

2014-11-18_0010 2014-11-18_0011 2014-11-18_0012

What’s one piece of advice you would give to other couples during their wedding planning?

Being a wedding photographer and now an engaged person, I can totally see where my clients are coming from when they vent to me about certain things, but here’s what I would encourage you to keep in focus throughout your wedding planning – whatever happens, you and your fiance will be married after the wedding. Your lives will continue as normal, as they are now. No matter who is involved in the planning, make sure you are on the same page, with footnotes and explicit details outlined, with your fiance. That doesn’t necessarily mean the same level of involvement in planning, but keep communication very open and make sure you both are a team about it. It’s not just one person’s wedding – you are both choosing to marry, so discuss everything.2014-11-18_0013 2014-11-18_0014 2014-11-18_0015 2014-11-18_0016

What are you most anxious, nervous or fearful about your BIG day?

I’m excited about marrying Chris. There’s no anxiety, no nerves, no fear in it; just excitement. Part of that is probably because we are planning an event that is very “us”, and chose to go a little offbeat to achieve that, with our ceremony at a contemporary art museum and our reception at a bowling alley. We are funding the event ourselves, which allowed us the freedom to pretty much do exactly what we wanted. Also, I work in the wedding industry so I had a lot of background knowledge about what it would take to get the fabulously fun party we wanted to throw while staying on budget. It’s going to be a blast and we are both super excited about it!

2014-11-18_0017Thank you Sam & Chris for sharing some of your time with me!  It was such a pleasure working with the two of you.  I look forward to seeing some of your wedding photos next year by Jay of Jacob Loafman Photography. 🙂


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