bio photosI am Superwoman — Kidding! 🙂 I don’t really have super powers but there are days that I wish I did so I could get more accomplished in a day.  My first name is Christina but to my close friends and family you will hear them call me Iris.  I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a sister first, and a photographer next.  My love for photography has always been in my heart but it wasn’t until the birth of my son that sparked a strong passion within me to chase after my love of capturing and preserving the momentous and significant moments in our lives through photographs.

But enough about the sappy stuff and let me get to the fun points about me with a short list of what I love and enjoy.  I am absolutely crazy in love with my husband and son, I am passionate about photography, I enjoy interior decorating, DIY projects, wake boarding, golf (with a cold adult beverage), running (working on my 5th half marathon), I am very peppy individual who’s full of energy, and lastly I’m a wee bit addicted to Starbucks coffee — okay A LOT actually, which would probably explain my peppiness.  I feel very blessed that I get to do what I enjoy daily ~ Photograpy.



Photo credit:  Katharine Roberds Photography




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