Kelly & Ryan | Married


Ryan and Kelly are married!  What a beautiful wedding from ceremony to the reception.  I met Kelly through one of my photog pals Katie from Katharine Roberds Photography.  Katie was invited as a guest to their wedding so she happily referred Ryan and Kelly to me.  Of course, my side kick (a.k.a. Katie), still assisted me a for a bit during the day and some of the beautiful photos you’ll see below were shot by this talented lady.

My day with them began at the Moonrise Hotel where they both got ready.  Kelly’s dad delivered some tasty custard from Ted Drewes so the girls got the chance to kick back and enjoy some dessert before photos.   Their first-look took place up on the roof top of the Moonrise Hotel (we seriously captured some gorgeous photos of them with the view of the loop) followed by photos at Tower Grove Park.  Both ceremony and reception were held at Oliva on the Hill.  Their “writer’s themed” wedding was created by Allissa from Style: Altar’d, flowers by Tina from The Special Event Florist – Tina Barrera, and event planning by the sweet ladies at Absolutely in Event Planning.

I had an amazing time working with this lovely couple and their families.  Ryan and Kelly are such a sweet and classy couple.  I wish them many blessings and lots of love!

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Julie & Ryan|Married|Saint Louis, MO


I love to photograph just about anything, but I truly love photographing weddings.  It’s typically a day filled with love, happy tears, and positive energy.  Ryan and Julie’s wedding was definitely the prime example of just that.  Their friends and families were beaming with smiles and excitement throughout the day for this special couple.  You can almost feel the connection and love that everyone had for Ryan and Julie.  They tied the knot this past September at Saint Peters Episcopal Church. Congratulations Ryan and Julie!  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day. I wish the two of you all the best!

2014-11-04_0002 2014-11-04_0003 2014-11-04_0004 2014-11-04_0005 2014-11-04_0006 2014-11-04_0007 2014-11-04_0008 2014-11-04_0009 2014-11-04_0010 2014-11-04_0011 2014-11-04_0012 2014-11-04_0013 2014-11-04_0014 2014-11-04_0015 2014-11-04_0016 2014-11-04_0017 2014-11-04_0018 2014-11-04_0019 2014-11-04_0020 2014-11-04_0021 2014-11-04_0022 2014-11-04_0023 2014-11-04_0024 2014-11-04_0025 2014-11-04_0026 2014-11-04_0027 2014-11-04_0028 2014-11-04_0029 2014-11-04_0030 2014-11-04_0031 2014-11-04_0032 2014-11-04_0033 2014-11-04_0034

Marcie & Andrew|Married


 Their big day has arrived; Marcie and Andrew are getting married!

 It was a beautiful August day with the sun shining and the birds are happily chirping with what sounded like a beautiful song just for this couple’s big day.  Marcie and Andrew’s wedding was absolutely perfect complete with Mother Nature giving us some decent temps to play in.  Our day began at Saint Thomas Holy Spirit in Saint Louis, followed by a few wedding party photos at Forest Park.  We then kicked off the celebration at Orlando’s for their reception.  My awesome buddy Katie of Katharine Roberds Photography was there to help me document this joyous occasion.  Thank you Marcie and Andrew for choosing me to celebrate your wedding day with you!

~ C.S.

2014-08-22_0003 2014-08-22_0004 2014-08-22_0005 2014-08-22_0006 2014-08-22_0007 2014-08-22_0008 2014-08-22_0011 2014-08-22_0012 2014-08-22_0013 2014-08-22_0014 2014-08-22_0015 2014-08-22_0016 2014-08-22_0017 2014-08-22_0018 2014-08-22_0019 2014-08-22_0020 2014-08-22_0021 2014-08-22_0022 2014-08-22_0023 2014-08-22_0024 2014-08-22_0025 2014-08-22_0026 2014-08-22_0027 2014-08-22_0028 2014-08-22_0029 2014-08-22_0030 2014-08-22_0031 2014-08-22_0032 2014-08-22_0033 2014-08-22_0034 2014-08-22_0035Like their photos? Love this couple?  Help them earn some points towards their wedding album.  When blog comments + LIKES (Facebook) totals 100, the couple will earn $50.oo off their wedding album on top of $50.00 just for being a super sweet bride and groom!  So be sure to write and click away, you can do both! 🙂

Becky & Dawn | Married Andres West, Fenton, MO


I had the pleasure of witnessing Dawn and Becky’s wedding on April 11th, 2014.  These girls couldn’t have had more of a perfect day!  We were all so concerned about the weather because it had been so wet and rainy the week of their wedding.  Thankfully Mother Nature gave us a break and gave us a beautiful sunny day.

I met up with Becky at her hotel in Fenton to catch some shots of her getting ready while my friend Katie of Katharine Roberds Photography grabbed some shots of Dawn getting ready at her mom’s home in Saint Louis.  Although I wasn’t with Dawn to catch her getting ready, I can see by the photos the excitement and anticipation that these girls were feeling.

b&d1b&d2b&d3Getting ready photos of Dawn below, taken by Katie Forbis.


Becky and I wrapped up quickly at the hotel so we can head to Laumeier Park to meet Dawn for their first look.  The girls chose the location in front of Alexander Liberman’s “The Way” Sculpture.  It was such an emotional moment – a happy emotion that is for the girls and also for the rest of their families that were there to witness their first look.



b&d9b&d10b&d11b&d12b&d13b&d14Individual photos of bridal party taken by Katie.


Their ceremony and reception was held at Andres West in Fenton.  The day went without a hitch and we even had some time to spare after the ceremony in which I took advantage of and stole the girls for a few more photos of them outside their reception venue.



The evening went smoothly as well with everyone dancing and celebrating the union of two lovely ladies.  The entire day was filled with laughter and smiles stretching from ear to ear on Becky and Dawn’s face.  These ladies truly know how to have a great time on their wedding day!


Dawn and Becky, thank you so much for choosing me to be part of your very special day.  I am very honored to document it for you ladies.



Cusamano|Wedding|Saint Louis, MO

cusamano16My Valentine’s Day this year was spent photographing the wedding day of the sweetest and most laid back bride and groom I know.  The Cusamanos had a blistering cold, windy, and snowy wedding day.  But no worries that did not get in the way of celebrating their love and happiness on their special day.  I met up with the bride and groom at Ameristar Casino where the bride got ready and it’s also where the bride and groom first caught glimpse of each other dressed for the occasion.  Shortly after we took a very quick ride to Main Street Saint Charles by the boat house museum and took some fun shots of the wedding party.  I must say that I was very impressed with the bridal party’s adventurous side as they happily endured the bitter cold temps and snow just so we can get some fun shots.  I am so grateful that I got to be part of their special day.  K & T thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer!  Enjoy these series of photos of your wedding!




Reale | Wedding | Chesterfield, MO

reale 8When I think of weddings, I usually think summer, the fresh smell of luscious thick green grass, flowers blooming on trees and the cool feeling of summer’s breeze.   Since I’m naturally a summer girl who can endure running in over 100 degree weather, a winter wedding is definitely something that would not come to my mind.  But that has changed thanks to the Reale’s December wedding.   I had the pleasure of working once again with Katie Forbis from Katharine Roberds Photography as her second photographer.  I love how the Christmas lights and Christmas trees and all the other Christmas decor added to the beauty and significance of this couple’s special day.  I’ll quit chattering now and let my photos tell you about their big day.

~ C.S.

reale 1reale 2reale 3   reale 4reale 5reale 6reale 9reale 10 reale 7reale 11 reale 12

J & L | wedding | Kuhs Farm

Since the Midwest has turned into the arctic tundra by dumping snow, ice, and bitter cold winds on us this has really forced me to sit on my desk and finally get some fun editing done.  This past summer I’ve had the privileged of assisting another photographer Ms. Katharine Forbis from Katharine Roberds Photography.   We photographed Jeff and Lauren’s ceremony at Kuhs Farm in Spanish Lake.  They truly had a perfect day and perfect weather.  Looking at their photos helps me beat the this cold weather a bit and puts a smile on my face, I hope it has the same affect on you.  🙂

CSP_7220 copy CSP_7234 copy CSP_7414 copy CSP_7286 copy CSP_7466 copy CSP_7480 copy CSP_7631 copy CSP_7624 copy CSP_7648 copy CSP_7657 copy CSP_7669 copy

CSP_7789 copy

CSP_7834 copy

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